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Jan Scheerer

Jan Scheerer

“With a fine sense for agogics, Jan Scheerer led the singers through the emotional heights and depths of the music and, by his interpretation closely adjusted to the text, let the words assume an experienceable form.”

“Instantaneously, one is seized by this striking intensity of the feeling. Not the slightest chance to ward off the bitterness, that gripes the room in seconds. […]
Because after having formed so charmingly beautiful art out of the most sorrowful with so much energy, not even the most pessimistic song would have let the audience go home in a saddened mood.”

“Scheerer, conducting by heart with verve, attached audibly great importance to the long arches.”

“Jan Scheerer provided sound balance, led the single parts together in a way that created a rousing atmosphere.”

“In all choir pieces, “Con anima” proved to be a vocally very well trained ensemble with an admirable secure intonation that sang dynamically flexible, almost througout without a sign of strain and with the most subtle nuances of expression. Scheerer’s short, informative introduction to the music enriched the aften.”